Carousel by alyse [ - ]
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Category: Miscellaneous
Characters: Other
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Character Study
Warnings: None

Summary: Sometimes when she dreams, she dreams of riding the horses.

Fandom: Let's see if you can guess. If not, it's at the end.

Story Notes:
Disclaimer: Not mine. Might belong to the BBC

Author's Notes: It appears that moonlettuce and beren_writes are bad influences. Like that's news to anyone. Written for MMoM.

Sometimes when she dreams, she dreams of riding the horses. Faster and faster they go until she's dizzy with it. The world flies by, bright streams of colour and she clutches at their manes, exhilarated and terrified both at once.

The horse is hard between her thighs and its motion rocks her, back and forth until she doesn't know if the gasps leaving her lips are because of the speed with which she's travelling or the pressure that's building up in her, spiralling up as she spirals round.

She closes her eyes but still sees the flashing lights, hears music. She holds on for dear life as she goes. Holds on as she comes, her whole body trembling and her cries of pleasure lost in the calliope music.

The ride slows and so does the rapid beat of her heart, her breathing still ragged as she clings to her steed, fingers wrapped in its mane. The ride slows and she drifts, sticky and wet and satisfied.

It's not until it finally stops - until she floats down from that high - that she realises she's no longer alone. Dark eyes are watching her - for how long, she doesn't know. Has he seen the whole ride? Has he watched her this whole time, watched her lose herself in the pleasure of the dance?

His face gives nothing away, eyes unreadable and mobile mouth hidden under his quivering moustache. She can't tell if he's disgusted at her, or whether the emotions she can sense in that tense, tightly wound frame are of a different sort altogether.

Finally, when she thinks she can't take it anymore... finally, he speaks.

"Time for bed," says Zebedee.

The End

(Yes, it's The Magic Roundabout)