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Summary: All biological life undergoes a process of evolution. The trick is surviving it.

Pairings: Nick/Connor (past), Abby/Stephen (past implied), Nick/Claudia (past), Abby/Connor (present), Abby/Connor/Nick implied and references to canon relationships

Published: 16 Nov 2008 Updated: 16 Nov 2008
Story Notes:Written for the Primeval Ficathon for toestastegood, whose prompt was Claudia turning into Jenny wasn't the only change that took place when Nick altered the past at the end of S1. He comes back and finds that in this timeline he has been dating Abby, Stephen or Connor. Non-crack, preferably and who also wanted Abby/Nick, Connor/Nick, Abby/Connor (or a combination of all three!) ::looks at pairing list:: Yep. I might have managed that ::g::

Some of the dialogue in the flashbacks and from the funeral is from the episodes concerned. I just kind of... twisted some of it a bit.

Many thanks to aithine for the beta services and cedara for being alpha ::g::

Spoilers: Set post 2.7

1. Chapter 1 by alyse [ - ] (16779 words)

Published: 16 Nov 2008 Updated: 16 Nov 2008