Windmills by alyse [ - ]
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Category: Alice (SyFy)
Characters: Alice Hamilton, Hatter
Rating: PG
Genres: Humour, Romance, Vignette
Warnings: None

Summary: There's this bloke that Hatter's read about in one of Alice's books.

Pairing: Alice/Hatter

Story Notes:
Author's Notes: Originally written to entertain [personal profile] temaris and [profile] mysteriousaliwz

There's this bloke that Hatter's read about in one of Alice's books, and Alice has a lot of books. For someone who claims she's decluttering her life, whatever that means, she's still got a heck of a lot of clutter, stuff she's picked up on her way through life, but given that she's also collected Hatter along the way he reckons he'd be smart not to comment on it.

Anyway, this bloke - Don Keynote or something he's called and Hatter knew this guy back in Wonderland called Don and a right hardcase he was. Hatter's still got the scars to prove it because Hatter's always relied on his wits and, if they fail him, his fists but there's always one who has to up the ante as it were and bring a knife to a fistfight. Sometimes, when Alice is in a romantic mood, she'll curl up against him and trace her fingers over the worst of the marks and ask him about them; the one on his chest is her favourite, and his. He spins her tall tales that she doesn't buy for a second - ones that cast him as a hero instead of a scared kid running in the dark, blood staining his new shirt and trying to avoid the nutter who is hard on his heels.

But then Alice's fingers dip lower, tracing small circles on his skin, and Hatter's always been fond of replacing bad memories with good ones, especially ones that involve Alice doing just *that* with her tongue and where was he? Oh yes. Don.

Apparently this bloke was one for hopeless quests. And windmills, of all things. Sounds completely mad to Hatter, and Hatter knows mad. It runs in the family as it were. Fancy spending your entire life fighting windmills and for what, exactly?

But then Alice smiles at him, just like this, and crooks her finger, just like that, and all Hatter can think is that if she wanted him to walk through fire, learn to fly, breathe under water for her, he'd do it. He's fought jabberwockies for her, taken down a Queen following her lead and then followed her home for good measure. And as far as he's concerned she's keeping him,

Fighting windmills would be a piece of cake. In fact, point him to the nearest one, right now, long as there's a decent cup of tea at the end of it and a kiss from Alice to seal the deal.