Lace by alyse [ - ]
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Category: Legend of the Seeker
Characters: Other, Richard Cypher (Rahl)
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Angst, Hurt Comfort
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: Written in response to a prompt on Legendland - Denna, Denna/Richard.

Story Notes:
Prompt: Lace from foibles_fables
Couple/Character: Denna, Denna/Richard

Denna wasn't lying when she said that any woman would be pleased by the Seeker's form, but that doesn't mean that it can't be improved upon. And Denna is the mistress of improvement.

He fights her at first, even now, twisting out of the way of her agiel in a way that's all instinct. It makes it more challenging, but Denna has always relished a challenge. What's the fun in breaking a man if he breaks too easily? Certainly, the Seeker tries her patience and stretches her skill more than any other man she's trained.

But she is the best at what she does. Slowly, so slowly, she takes him apart, piece by piece, keeping a small part of everything she strips away from him. His hopes, his dreams. His love for Kahlan Amnell.

And when she finishes each session, when he hangs from the chains, his spirit as broken as his body and tears drying on his cheeks, she walks around him, letting her fingers glide over each mark she's left as he twitches and moans. His body is hers now, as much as his soul is, and the patterns she's left are beautiful, a lacework of perfect pain.

At heart, Denna is an artist, and the Seeker is her masterpiece.