Alphabet Sex by alyse [ - ]
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Category: CI5: The New Professionals > Slash
Characters: Chris Keel
Rating: NC-17
Genres: None
Warnings: None

Summary: ABC fic, where there are 26 sentences and each one begins with a different letter of the alphabet, in order, starting from a random point.

Notes: Self-beta'd because I couldn't subject anyone else to this insanity.


Xenophobia, I tell my stubborn, gorgeous and wilful partner, is why he refuses to acknowledge the innate superiority of we Yanks over the rest of the world, including this particular Brit. Yank is what he calls me when he wants to tease me, which is often, although right now it's my turn to tease.

"Zut alors!"

And that's a first - me making him swear in French, although I've made him swear in English a hell of a lot - in bed and out of it. Beaming widely, I make a mental note of exactly what I did to elicit that reaction. Can't have too many of these little tricks up one's sleeve, not when it comes to dealing with Sam. Damn, but the man is hard work sometimes, and I'm talking out of bed now rather than in it. Easy as hell in bed, at least once I got him into it in the first place, which took a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would.

For now, however, I'm content to hold him here, trapped under my greater weight with one hand pinning both of his to the bed, leaving my other hand to explore to my heart's content. Gorgeous doesn't even come close to describing him, not when he looks like this, lost in blissful abandon at my touch, those green eyes hidden by lowered lids and his long, dark eyelashes brushing his cheeks in a way that makes me itch to stroke them.

Heartened by his responsiveness so far, I let my hand trail down his chest and move it towards one rosy nipple, pinching it gently between my thumb and forefinger. In answer to the stimulus, he bucks up into me and I feel something hard and hot pressing against my thigh. Just the reaction I was hoping for. Kissing him softly, I slide my tongue in and out of the sweet cavern of his mouth, plundering, conquering, swallowing the soft moans he can't hold back.

Letting his wrists go, I slide myself down his body, lowering my head to nuzzle at his neck on the way. Mouth now hovering over his erection, I breathe softly over it, both watching and feeling the twitch that runs through him at the act.

Now that I've tormented him I move to take him into my mouth, knowing that to prolong this for him would be cruel and I am never cruel. Often a tease, but never cruel.

Pleasure runs through me as the bitter, longed for taste of him explodes on my tongue and I lap at the leaking head of his cock gratefully with the tip of my tongue. Quivers run through his body at the feel of the hot inferno of my mouth engulfs him, and I can feel his shudders everywhere our bodies touch. Rough cries are escaping him now as I suck, strong and steady, moving to drive him over the edge into bliss.

Surrendering himself to my touch, he finally comes with a harsh cry, flooding my mouth with his wonderfully bitter essence.

"That was nice," he says when he finally regains the power of speech.

Understatement has always been Sam's forte, and I raise one eyebrow in a silent complaint at his comment, which he rushes to correct.

"Very, very nice," he amends hastily and I finally reward him with a small smile.

"Well, I hope so because it's my turn now," I say lightly, my smile deepening lecherously as I happily survey the feast laid before me.

The End