Freezing by alyse [ - ]
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Category: CI5: The New Professionals > Slash
Characters: Chris Keel
Rating: PG
Genres: Series
Warnings: None

Summary: ABC fic, where there are 26 sentences and each one begins with a different letter of the alphabet, in order, starting from a random point.

Freezing snow slid down the back of his boots as he trudged through the wilderness, desperately searching. Grim eyes surveyed the white vista in front of him, looking for something, anything out of place, a shadow, a shape where it didn't belong.

He stopped abruptly, eagle eyes finally spotting something amiss and then he was floundering through the snow, waist deep in some places, hastening towards the dark form huddled against the foot of a tree. Icy tendrils of fear, colder even than the snow that even now was beginning to whirl once again around him, crawled up his spine as the figure didn't move at his approach. Just as he fell to his knees, however the still figure twitched, coughed and spoke, voice harsh and weak.


Laughter, almost hysterical in taste, bubbled up in him and he fought it down, knowing that now was neither the time nor the place to give in to it or he'd never stop. Muscles aching, he hauled his partner to his feet, noting the fact that Sam's hands were tied behind his back and he'd been stripped of his thick outer garments. No doubt whoever had left him here had intended for him to freeze to death and would probably have come back to remove any evidence that he had been abandoned unwillingly to his fate.

Opening his own jacket, he shrugged it off and wrapped it around his partner, noting that Sam didn't even make a token protest, a sign of how far gone he was. Poor bastard wasn't even shivering, another sign of incipient hypothermia.

Quickly slicing through the rope around Sam's wrists and slinging Sam's arm over his shoulder, fully aware that speed was of the essence now, he half carried, half dragged his friend to the waiting snowmobile. Rescuing him in the nick of time wasn't going to do much good if his partner still succumbed to hypothermia. Somewhere up ahead, five or six miles at most, there was a small hotel and even though it was out of season it would provide hot water and shelter, at gunpoint if needs be. They'd just have to risk the bad guys catching them, although with the blizzard currently threatening that risk was diminishing with each passing second.

Urging his partner on with muttered words of encouragement, they finally reached the relative safety of the vehicle. Vicious gusts of wind tried to whip the door out of his hands, but he held on to both Sam and the vehicle, eventually managing to hoist his semi-conscious partner into the cab and climbing in after him.

Wrapping Sam in a silver insulated blanket, part of the survival gear stowed underneath the passenger seat, he turned his frantic attention to the map extracted from the side pocket, seeking confirmation that his estimate was accurate. X marks the spot - the hotel was just where he thought it was, marked clearly on the local tourist map, only a few miles away.

Yet another thing to be grateful for, he realised as he turned the snowmobile into the blizzard, was that the small but efficient heater was already starting to heat up the cab. Zero instead of subzero now, and Sam, thank god, had started to shiver as the ambient temperature rose and warmed his chill flesh.

Armed with directions, he made speedy time to the hotel, driving almost as madly as Sam usually did, fear for his partner forcing him to in spite of the deteriorating conditions outside, while he planned a course of action to save his partner. Bath - that was the quickest way to raise Sam's body temperature and ward off frostbite. Could be unpleasant for Sam but if he started it off cool and gradually added hot water it should be okay. Didn't dare try and get him to a hospital - even if he wasn't still nervous about being pursued it would take too long.

Easier in his own mind now that he had a plan, and now that Sam was moving, pulling the mylar blanket closer around himself and shivering violently now although the Englishman's eyes remained closed, he raced on to his destination, knowing Sam was going to be okay.

The End